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Re: inappropriate racist and other offensive material

>>"Daniel" == Daniel Ruoso <daniel@ruoso.com> writes:

 Daniel> I don't know, but I consider "Racism" and "Minors
 Daniel> Pornography" similar, so if it's not acceptable of publishing
 Daniel> packages with "Minors porn", why is it acceptable of
 Daniel> publishing packages with "Racism".

	The interesting question is, how is porn defined. My mother
 has some pictures of me take, I am told, within minutes my being
 born. Is that minor porn? What about oil painting of bare nekkid
 ladies? Is that porn? Should we remove Lolita from all the
 libraries? What about Moll Flanders? 

 Daniel> I live in Brasil, and here, Racism is crime. I think the
 Daniel> developer should be asked to remove the Offensive Material.

	Wonderful. Can I get Debian to remove all vi and clones now,
 as well as python, since I find those offensive material? Who decides
 what is offensive?

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