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Re: Spamassassin: how to "whitelist" a subject?

on Wed, 13 Mar 2002 01:27:25PM -0800, Shri Shrikumar insinuated:
> > I get replies from a form on my website; they arrive with a
> > subject line: WWW Submission.
> >
> > These get detected as spam by Spamassassin. Is there any way to
> > tell it that they are not?  Whitelist just seems to filter
> > addresses, not subjects, and the address at the head of these
> > forms is variable.
> If you use procmail, you could filter these into the inbox or
> another folder before executing the spamassin recipe

but the whole point of procmail is that it filters everything into
different mailboxes, and the whole point of spamassassin is that it
checks *all* your mail to see if it's spam -- do you really want to
have it go through all mailboxes except for one, or to have to pipe it
twice to procmail (the first time to filter off the non-spam, the
second to filter the tagged spam into /dev/null or something)?  a much
cleaner hack (and indeed, what it seems spamassassin intends for you
to do) would be to add whitelist_from lines into your
~/.spamassassin.cf file, so:

# Whitelist and blacklist addresses are *not* patterns; they're just
# normal
# strings.  one exception is that "*@isp.com" is allowed.  They should
# be
# in lower-case.
# whitelist_from  monty@roscom.com
whitelist_from    wsmith@wordsmith.org


you can also change scoring and add your own rules in
/etc/spamassassin.cf  man spamsassin (see "configuration files") for
more info.




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