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Re: Strange messages on all terminals

On Tue, 2002-03-12 at 11:31, Scott Henson wrote:
> I am having a problem with all my virtual terminals(ctr-alt-F<1-6>)  For
> some reason a constant stream of information is sent to all of them.  It
> seems to be something to do with my internet connection, because its
> specifying MAC addresses and a couple of other things which makes me
> think its displaying all incomming packets to the terminals.  Now this
> is not affecting X or any of the X-terms, but its sure a bother while
> working in a virtual terminal.  I am running woody and a 2.4.19 ac
> pre-patch.  Anyone have an idea why this is happening.  Its been going
> on for a while now and I tried re-compiling the kernel taking out all
> verbose debug messages having to do with the net connection.  I am also
> running the new isc dhcp client 3.0, but this was happening before with
> the old 2.2 version.  Im not sure what else might be causing this.  This
> is especially embaracing because Im trying to get a bunch of my friends
> to switch from windows, and having all that trash there and not knowing
> what is causeing it is not a major selling point.  Anyone have an idea? 
> Thanks.

Sounds like syslog.conf (or whatever syslog daemon you use) was

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