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Re: Open Office in unstable?

Hi ... 

On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 02:27:41PM -0800, Mike Fedyk wrote:
>Are there any plans to get open office into unstable?  (I know there is
>no chance to get it into woody...)

Into woody ... there is no doupt, that we do not get it into woody.

I think, we will get it into unstable within the next weeks, but it will
come into contrib or nonfree :(

The build depends on java and a small lib, called libgcpl. 
If we are able leave them out, OpenOffice will come into main.

We can use gcj instead of java, but I did not found any dfsg
complient lib similar to gcpl.

I think, it has to be rewritten, but who will do it?

But these are thinks, we have to work on it after successfull building
the whole package.


One time, you all will be emulated by linux!

Jan- Hendrik Palic
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