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Re: Redhat to Debian?

On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 07:59:46AM -0500, infotechsys wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a HOWTO on how to go from
> a redhat system to Debian system? If
> so, couls someone point me to it. I could find
> anything at the Debian site.
> Thanks.
> Wayne

I think someone else already mentioned major configuration differences.

If you are not allergic to reboot, it is easiest to install small Debian
console system and learn first about its packaging system.

Suppose you have fully functional REDHAT box with internet connection,
and it has 500MB or more of empti space on harddisk, install DEBIAN
without X and select newbie help in "tasksel" or in other word, "newbie"
in "simple" install option.

Then reboot REDHAT and mount Debian partition to /mnt or somewhere.  Run 

# chroot /mnt

from root then you are in Debian.  Play with it a while.  Copy
configuration and needed files from REDHAT to DEBIAN.  Once you are
confortable, then move to DEBIAN.

If you want to do this without reboot, download "debootstrap" command
from woody archive and do similar staff.  But too complicated to
describe here.  Theoretically, you can move from REDHAT to DEBIAN
without reboot.

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