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Re: cdrtools xcdroast

<quote who="Greg C. Madden">
> The cdrecord package is compiled for the 2.4 kernel. In order to
> use Xcdroast one needs to do 'apt-get build-dep && apt-get source
> -b
> cdrecord' This is not a big deal, the first time, but afaik the
> default kernel (disk 1 anyway) is 2.2.xx. Minor rant :)

in testing or unstable? in testing last time i tried it worked
fine on 2.2.19(i dont use 2.4 anywhere). Though all my
CDRs are SCSI.  it's been a few weeks since i burned a

luckily i won't have to burn as much now that i have
a likko electronics vdr2100 ! woohoo. real-time VCD creation
without a computer.


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