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Traxdata CDRW241040 plus

I put a Traxdata CDRW241040 plus in my box and I have 2 problems
( I read the CD writing HOWTO and the interesting posts of
the list on the topic + the readme of xcdroast)
(my box is ide not scsi)

I changed my files lilo.conf and fstab as recommended and I 
installed the modules sg and ide-scsi, but I dont't know which driver
to choose with modconf in the part cdrom and when I launch xcdroast 
everything is ok except CD-Writer-Device is absent.

If I mount a CD containing the debian dist it's ok but with a CDRW
(burn under windoze), mount give me:
mount fs type udf not supported by kernel

Can someone help me with this 2 problems.



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