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Re: WodPerfect Office 2000 on Debian

On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Phillip Deackes wrote:

> I have a copy of Corel's WP Office 2000 which I have never managed to get
> working on my Debian unstable box. Using some advice I found on the 'net I
> managed to at least eliminate the fontastic font server errors, but now
> when I enter 'wordperfect' it tells me it is 'Building font metrics. This
> may take some time...'. That message stays on screen for ever. I left it
> all night and it was still there in the morning.
> Any ideas? I know Corel WordPerfect 2000 for Linux is not very good, I
> know StarOffice, Applix, KOffice et al are better, but I would just like
> to try it.
> Many thanks.

i tried and failed also.  has a lot to do with wine.

not to whine, but there is no support available from corel
tho they took my hundred bux easily enough.

i am going to wait for star office.  the beta worked very well
(but is no longer available.) 


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