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Fwd: off list TESTFILE

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Subject: off list TESTFILE
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 12:04:40 -0500
From: Paul <pop.bestweb.net>
To: cfelling@iae.nl
Cc: ptay1253

Sorry this is off list. I could not get it to work. AND I find I can't cut
and paste because I don't know how.
So I used joe to make a file called TESTFILE. Then sh TESTFILE.
The result is the same as before. no such file or directory.
now whereis is not finding it but ljet4-filter is visable in MC. joe ,vi XFM
and KOnqueror file manager.
I have a free yahoo account and it is not full service. So I am sending
 direct from my home account. I have yahoo becasue my wife object to the
 volume of messages.

  /etc/magicfilter/1jet4-filter  <<EOF  >/dev/lp0
a short line
a second line
a third line

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