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KGhostview prints ok but won't display the file contents

I recently created a CD jewel case file with cdlabelgen.  I used KGhostview 
to open the .pdf file, and also created a .ps file.  In both cases, after 
opening the files, my screen was blank.  However, when I printed the file, 
it came out exactly as intended.

Any ideas on how I can force KGhostview to show me the contents of a .pdf 
file (no matter pdf which file that I open, the contents are never visible on 
screen ).

Stewart Midwinter
PGP public key at: http://www.keyserver.net
e-mail: Stewart 'at' Midwinter.ca, stewart 'at' midtoad.homelinux.org
web: http://www.midwinter.ca, http://midtoad.homelinux.org
voice: +1.403.714.4329

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