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multiple MTAs?

I was wondering if it's possible to have multiple MTAs on the same system.
My system has masqmail and it works just fine for me -- the reason I chose
it was simply that I could easily configure it plus I can chose different
.route files, depending mostly on what I want to be printed as my "From:"
address -- that way I can send mail from multiple connections (ppp) with
the same return address.
As far as I know masqmail isn't meant for permanent connections, so I have
to use pine if I want to send mail from my brother's computer with my disk
in it.

Is there thus a way to chose an MTA each time one sends mail? Or would
exim, for instance, do everything my masqmail can -- plus, of course,
handle permanent connections? Or could mutt alone solve my problems if I
only had exim?


echo $(girl_name) > /etc/dumpdates

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