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Re: exim and printer answers

Somehow I missed the post this post reacts to, so I anwser here instead.

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 09:27:13PM -0500, dman wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 03:08:10PM -0800, paul wrote:
> | cat <<EOF | /etc/magicfilter > /dev/lp0
> | a short line
> | a second line
> | a third line
> | EOF
> | No such file or directory. Note visable in joe and KDE
> | file manager.

Ah, but the above is incorrect.  If I suggested this, sorry, just
another typo:(, I forgot the filter file.  It should have read:

# /etc/magicfilter/ljet4-filter  <<EOF  >/dev/lp0
a short line
a second line
a third line

[[ the `# ' on the first line is a shell prompt, but the rest should be
   typed in excactly as shown here, so you can simple cut and paste.
   I checked it this time myself with cut and paste and it's okee  ]]

Sorry for all the typos, make the testing take extra long.  But be
assured, we *are* closing in and we are going to solve this.  The
printer itself is working, and we are able to address it at the lowest
linux level.  We are just checking the configuration step by step.

> | lpr <EOF
> | no such file or directoy

Maybe you're making typos too:)  You missed one `<' in the above.  A
single `<' tells the program to read it's input from the file named
thereafter, so in this case it tries to read from EOF. No such file
exists, and hence the error message.

> | lpr <<EOF>

The shell is unforgiving, I know, but here there is another error, you
used `>' to tell it where the output should go, but you forgot to
specify a file.  Hence this very cryptic error message.

> | lpr EOF

And here you tell `lpr' to print the file EOF, which doesn't exists.

*********** speedup testing **********

Maybe a way to speed things up is to tell `lpr' to send its error
message to someone else.

In `/etc/aliases' you should find a line telling the mail system to
redirect all mail addressed to `lp' and send it to `root' instead.
This line looks like: `lp: root'.  In one of the first lines in that
file you should find a line like: `root: ...' (instead of the three
dots you should see a user name there, but ofcourse, I don't know which
one.  On my system it's `carel').  This tells the mailing software to
send mail addressed to root to that user instead.  So when both lines
are in that file the net effect is that mail addressed to `lp' is
delivered to that user (`carel' at my system).

Unfortunately your mail system isn't working like it should and
local mail is send to your IPS instead.  But we can change this easily:)
When you change (or add if it isn't there yet) in /etc/aliases the line

   root: ...


   root: ptay1253@yahoo.com

then all post should be send to your account at yahoo.com.
Let's pray that part of your Exim setup is working.
[[ just to make sure, I indended the above aliases lines to make them
   stand out.  But in the /etc/aliases file there shouldn't be any
   leading space, so just type `root: ptay1253@yahoo.com' there     ]]

After you've changed your alias file, try this again:

# lpr <<EOF

You should now receive an email from the printer daemon at your yahoo
account.  Share this email with us.

groetjes, carel

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