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Re: exim and printer answers

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 03:08:10PM -0800, paul wrote:
| cat <<EOF | /etc/magicfilter > /dev/lp0
| a short line
| a second line
| a third line
| No such file or directory. Note visable in joe and KDE
| file manager.
| lpr <EOF
| no such file or directoy
| lpr <<EOF>
| line1
| line2
| line3
| syntax error near unexpected token '<<EOF>'
| lpr EOF
| lpr cannot access EOF
| A tad  frustrating but hopefully the end is near

These errors are just some shell tricks you didn't get quite right.
The shell is very powerful, but isn't wholly intuitive to a
non-programmer.  (if you have a bunch of time to waste sometime, try
reading 'man bash' :-))

To keep it simple, simply run "lpr", but instead of closing the
terminal window, type some data and press ^D.



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