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Re: libglib1.3-12 (or new libkmid)


On Saturday 02 Mar 2002 1:31 am, Michel Loos wrote:
> Does any one have a libglib1.3-12.deb ?
> Or is there some chance to have a new release og libkmid before March
> 5th ?
> I have to make a demonstration of installing an easy to use (by a
> secretary) debian system this day.
> By the end of the afternoon the machine (an AMD-K6 450) and the
> secretary must be functional i.e. reading/writing e-mails, typing the
> directors letters and able to open a .xls spreadsheet.
> When I marked this demonstration, a month ago I was quite confident. Now
> without an instalable kde i fear disaster.
> Michel.

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