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Re: X problem - unwanted logout after 20 min

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 09:13:57PM +0100, Martin Hermanowski wrote:
> Hi,
> I got an unwanted logout after about 20 minutes of inactivity under X. I
> am using Sawfish and the only programs I running are xterms. I am not
> using idled or so.
> I think this started just after the last upgrade of parts of xfree in
> woody some days ago.
> This is really annoying, does anybody have an idea what might cause this
> logout?

I've experienced conflict problems with kernel/BIOS APM and X APM.  My
solution was to put 'Option "NoPM"' in XF86Config under server flags.
I still get power management in X, but it doesn't crash/logout.

Eric G. Miller <egm2@jps.net>

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