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Re: Retry.. no more crybaby bs

>>"Harry" == Harry Putnam <reader@newsguy.com> writes:

 Harry> 2) The driver listed for the 3Com 3c905b  is not the right one and 
 Harry>    in my case the OS rejects it.  The right one is a couple lines
 Harry>    further along.  One would never know it unless told in advance as I
 Harry>    was. 

	In cases like this, I would strongly suggest going to the
 alternate console, and running lspci (cat /proc/pci); and determining
 which drivers work for the hardware discovered there,

	Hmm. I guess the canonical place _I_look is the documentation
 found in the kernel, but that is not readily availalbe unless you
 have a second machine.

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