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Re: Enough time wasted, moving on

said Harry Putnam (on 2002-02-28),

> > But, really, give Potato a try -- it won't take more than another 2 hours
> > to do a full-on installation of it, and if it works -- well, that's just
> I'd have to get it first.  And I did already spend $40 on this adventure.
> Not a forture to be sure, but I'd rather not throw away more.

first thing, put away your wallet.  if you have a broadband connection to
the network you don't really need cds.  (if you must have cd's, shop
around 'til you find someone who will send potato cd's to you for around
the cost of the blank cds and postage.  such kind folks really do exist.)

second, go to a good computer store and buy a cheap NIC that is known to
work easily with linux.  (stay away from NE2K clones like the RTL8029.)

then do a network install.



	Finally, the number of Unix installations has grown to sixteen,
	with more expected.

		-Unix Manual, Third Edition, February 1973.

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