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Re: OT: scsi vs ide: some data

> That IBM hard disk in septictank is an ATA/100 disk I believe.  The
> Gigabyte motherboard supports ATA/66, but I'm not sure if the Linux
> kernel supports it.

Use hdparm to check whatever you got dma enabled for your disks.  From
the low performance I guess it's not...

And to comment some other responses:

Scsi DO have some benefits over ide, but for a normal user/workstation
it's certainly not worth the extra cost in my opinion.  For life
supporting systems, maybe...

To hook up 7 ide devices, just buy 3ware's ATA raid card with 8
channels.  The total cost including disk will be a lot lower than for
  And when you need a few tens of TB you want a standalone raid system

When it comes to quality, I doubt there's any real differens these
days.  And even if there is;  disks will eventually fail, that why you
use raid-X (X!=0).

As for performance, the "normal" pci bus itself will limit you to
133MB/s or similar...

Best regards,

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