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Re: No KDE for me

Harry Putnam wrote:
> On a recent install of woody 3.X, if I say startx I get kde, not a
> choice window or something but just straight to kde.  On boot up I get
> a kind of selection window That allows a gnome choice or two.
> I don't want anything to do with kde but its been so long since I had
> to choose between, I've forgotten how its done.  I want to set the
> default to gnome and really I want gnome/sawfish.  I'm accustomed to
> that combo and know how to get what I want from it with out much
> fumbling around.
> I guess the sawfish part is as easy as `apt-get install sawfish'  But
> I think there are more than one model.
> Anyone here using that combo that can tell me how to get the default X
> session to be gnome/sawfish

I put the following in ~/.xsession and uncomment the WM of my choice. (Note:
I start X manually, with startx.)

##Start a screensaver when X comes up
xset dpms 600 1200 1800
##Choose the browser to start when X comes up
mozilla &
#galeon &
#netscape &
##Choose one of the following WM when X comes up
#exec kde
#exec gnome-session
exec icewm-gnome
#exec blackbox

David Raeker-Jordan
Harrisburg, PA, USA

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