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FQDN foobar


I have a problem with the way gethostname() and getdomainname (don't) 
 work on Debian.

gethostname() returns the hostname, not qualified. Ok, this is as 
 expected, as there's the complementary getdomainname()-function. But 
 that gets its information out of /proc/sys/kernel/domainname, which 
 isn't filled from the start-up-process, so contains only the 
 kernel-default of "(none)".

The installer asks for the domainname, but doesn't seem to store it 
 anywhere, and uses it only for resolv.conf and mail-configuration.

Am I completely off-track with this, and there's another way to get the 
 FQDN "the right way", or is this some serious brain-damage in the 
 installation-process and a bug (against which package?) should be 

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