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Re: Exim config question

There is a way to make it go through your smarthost, but I forget what it is.
I had the opposite problem. Messages being sent locally weren't being delivered
until I logged on to my ISP.

All this to say that if you really want that behavior, it's available.
I just can't tell you how.


On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 07:25:34PM -0800, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Just got a basic install running and during the course of setting mail
> with the base-config tool, I think I answered something wrong but not
> sure what would have been right.  Or where to hand edit it.
> I have a fair bit of experience with sendmail, but my first go around
> with exim.
> The details of my setup are:
> Single user machine
> dsl connected to internet thru local isp (dslextreme.com) and telco
> Using local isp for smart_host
> But pop server is newsguy.com not my local ip.
> I think I got most of this set alright except when I send a mail to
> myself at reader@newsguy.com, exim tells me it is delivering locally
> and I have it back instantly.  That is it never goes to newsguy, or
> thru my smart_host.
> I probably told exim to do that, but not sure what to change or where.
> My user is reader on this machine.  But newsguy.com is a commercial
> online news/mail nntp/smtp/pop server.
> With sendmail I've always masqueraded as newsguy.com and it all
> worked.
> I think it is actually working now except sending mail to myself a
> reader@newsguy.com  is just put directly into /var/spool/mail/reader
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