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Re: Enough time wasted, moving on

I'll forward #1 to the boot floppies guys, since it is a valid

#2 .. debian does not do hardware autodetection. If you don't like that,
you're welcome to use any of the other fine linux distibutions that do.

Harry Putnam wrote:
> 3) The real capper to my view was that after wading thru everthing
>    watching the packages go by.  Inserting the various cds.  At the
>    very end there is a message that says something like: 
>    "There were problems with the install.  The same errors may be
>    invoked again if you proceed.  Those errors are not important, the
>    ones that matter are the ones above.  Please fix those before
>    proceeding."
>    And the erro above says `There was a problem with the
>    install'" and thats all.

Send me /var/log/installer.log* , and I will track this down.

If you're not just here to bitch, that is.

> 4) I used tasksel to avoid the lengthy pain of dselect, during one
>    attempt. I chose `Desktop Environment' Which is apparently the only
>    thing in tasksel that may include X.  Yet I was never asked about
>    my Video or monitor and there was no choice of Xservers. No
>    probiing, and of course no X was available at the end of it all.

It sounds to me like that would be because X was not installed, possibly
because you were installing from broken CD's that did not include X.
Which could also possibly explain #3. See previous recommendations to
not use 3rd party "official" CDs to install woody yet.

> 5) The business about the names of CDs asked for during install not
>    matching the labels on my CDs is probably a vendor issue, I guess.

Indicates you probably got crap CDs from someone who doesn't know what
they're doing.

> I hoped at the end of it all I would see some way to get things
> running.  But by that time I'd had enough.  I no longer get lots of
> fun out of endless tinkering with the OS.  After 4-5 years of it, I
> just want stuff to work, so I can get on with my tinkering with perl
> or C++ or what ever it is I'm currently studying (tinkering with).

Just imagine how you'd feel after 5 or 6 years of hand-holding of
people who can't be bothered to take the time to file proper bug
reports. Oh, erm.

>   United States
>    Vendor: Antonio Rodriguez
>    URL: http://www.the-sphere.org/
>    URL for Debian Page:
>    http://www.the-sphere.org/Linux/Debian.html
>    Allows Contribution to Debian: Yes 
>                                      Country: United States
>                                      Ship International: To some areas
>                                      email: tony@the-sphere.org
>  CD Type: Official CD ; non-US ; Development Snapshot 
>  Architectures:  i386
> Note the part that says `Official CD'

Note the semicolons dividing the three very different types of CDs he
evidently sells. Note the "Development Snapshot".

see shy jo

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