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Re: x-forwarding with ssh

Ok, I was actually running ssh with the -X option and it wasn't working then

I've noticed that when I ssh to the box in question I get this message:

  Warning: Remote host denied X11 forwarding.

The display variable is not being set either.
Exporting the display variable manually does work, as does

  xterm -display remote.host:0.0

What I would like though is for X apps to display without having to do this.

Any ideas?

> It doesn't sound like a problem with ssh to me, it sounds like you
> haven't set the DISPLAY variable correctly, and therefore probably
> haven't run xhost either.
> desk.host: # xhost +remove.host.domain.com
> desk.host: # ssh -X remote.host.domain.com -l myaccount
> myaccount@remote.host.domain.com's password: ********
> remote.host: # export DISPLAY=desk.host:0.0
> remote.host: # xterm &
> That should do it.
> Mind you, DISPLAY seems to get set correctly on my box automagically,
> but I don't know how it goes about that.

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