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Re: Retry.. no more crybaby bs

> OK, list posters, you've advised me to coninue my efforts and step
> back to potato. (See thread suject `Enough time wasted.. moving on')

You all will be sick of me soon.. 

Just a little note of apology to the list and for being a crybaby.
(Its not my fault  ... its genetic .. :-) )

Also a little underhanded way to see if I got the mail sort of close
to right.  There is one little glitch .. already posted. but I think
the fact that I know nothing about exim and was able to get mail
working just with `base-config' speaks volumes.

> A coulpe of posters have suggested a network install.  Thing is I have
> $40 dollars worth of cds setting here.  Surely I can at least use them
> to get the base install going and maybe get my nic setup. Then do the
> rest via network?

Now this item is kind of funny really.  I accidently started this
going after making a forth try at installing, and after the base
install I opted to add ftp to the media possibilities.  Scads of files
are being brought down the pipe as I write.

> In the last three attempts my nic is not recognized and any attempt to
> install one of the 3com drivers is rejected.  I didn't capture any
> error info but will this time if it comes up.  My card is:
> 3Com 3C905B-TX (PCI)

A kind poster named Sebastiaan, sent me a note that said to use the
3c59x driver.  The install bought it and I am network enabled now.
This is something that needs to be patched though.

1) The install screen where you pick out drivers and other modules
   is unecessarily cumbersom.  Is there really a reason why one must 
   scroll back thru the whole thing with each choice.

   I see no chance to mark or otherwise do things better than one by
   one with a complete rescroll at each stop.

2) The driver listed for the 3Com 3c905b  is not the right one and 
   in my case the OS rejects it.  The right one is a couple lines
   further along.  One would never know it unless told in advance as I

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