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Re: Fresh install no network

* Harry Putnam (reader@newsguy.com) [020227 22:37]:
> I'm not real sure what card is in there but its one of the commaon
> 3com cards.  I had hoped some kind of probe would find it and I
> wouldn't have to tear things up to find my original box etc. or open
> the case to get it.  This case is in a inconvenient spot.

> What is the best way, with least hair pulling to get the nic setup?
> I'll check dmesg once bootup is complete.

dmesg is a good place to look. Also try lspci (from the pciutils
package). It should give you the card's version string, which should
include the model number. If you have a 3c90x series card, you probably
want the (ill-named) 3c59x driver. Once you know which card you have it
will be easy to tell you which driver will serve it. For starters, you
can try the networking directory of the kernel docs, or google.

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