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Re: Mail clients (and text editors)

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002 21:36:18 -0500
Bob Thibodeau <mrbob@channel1.com> wrote:

> I thought I'd try Sylpheed after seing mention of it on this
> list, but never felt like configuring another client. Now that
> I've read it doesn't play nice with mutt, I'll just remove it.

I've got it working reasonable nicely with mutt/procmail. The only issue is that
slypheed uses its own mechanism for marking mail as read rather than a sequences
file. This means that when I use mutt, I see the mail thats new since the last 
time i ran mutt, and Sylpheed shows whats new since I last ran sylpheed.

This is only a very minor annoyance though, and I think I'll stick with this 
configuration for a while.

I was particularly impressed with Sylpheeds GPG handling, something that Balsa, 
which I was using previously, lacks.

Of course migrating to Sylpheed means converting your mailboxes into MH format,
and modifying your procmail scripts to use rcvstore. 


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