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Re: searching for an ICQ application

<quote who="Stephan Hachinger">

> doens't need gnome (I'm using kde at the moment)? The problem with
> all new licq versions I've tried etc. is that I cannot send any
> messages (connnection is
> rejected by peer or the msgs simply don't arrive); is this normal
> or perhaps related to a bad configuration of my networking?

if you are connecting behind NAT, then most likely most
of your direct sends will fail(as will file transfers).
i use licq (i have it up 24/7 but maybe send 1 message
per week), and i tell it to 'send through server'. and
it works everytime.

i haven't used win32's ICQ much, but from what some
of my friends have said, it has the same problems operating
behind NAT.


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