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Re: Mail clients (and text editors)

On 23/02/02 Bill Moseley did speaketh:

> My head is swimming a bit trying to limit my choices of mail clients to test.

    My personal preference is Mutt, but coming from browsers and Eudora, you
might want to try something simpler to begin with. 

    Evolution is not ready, IMHO. Even at 1.0 subcomponents crashed on me

    Sylpheed is excellent I'm told. 
    Mozilla is at 0.9.8 and coming along to a 1.0 soon. Try downloading the
binary from mozilla.org and install into a subdirectory to play with. I don't
yet use the .debs for it but I will when it goes 1.0. 
    KMail is an excellent mail client, and you don't technically need to run
KDE to use it, but you'll obviously need the base libraries. 
    Text clients like Pine and Mutt require you to set up other components
like a local mail server, and preferably fetchmail and procmail. We'll help
you with that too, but you might want to try something more "windowsy" first. 

    As far as text editors, I _highly_ recommend that you take the time to try
both Vim and Emacs, and pick one to specialize with. Text editing is far too
common a task to default to a notepad clone with. 

    Hope this helps. 


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of nerd-like effort."  -Harley Hahn, A Student's Guide to Unix

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