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Re: 233 MHz CPU system - Debian and SO 5.2 question

On Saturday 23 February 2002 19:59, dman wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 24, 2002 at 12:22:01AM +0100, Andreas von Heydwolff wrote:
> | Am fed up with Windows on a single workstation in a small non-profit
> | organization, used mainly for word processing and mailing. This weekend
> | I have to reinstall the OS, data are on a second HDD since the last
> | major crash so it won't be too much trouble. I intend to make it dual
> | boot with Debian as fallback or even soon primary OS.
> |
> | Would it make a difference in performance on the 233MHz MMX CPU and 48Mb
> | RAM system whether I choose potato or Woody?
> Go for woody.  It's newer.  I don't think you'll see any significant
> performance difference.  (FWIW I just upgraded a 486sx 25MHz 8MB RAM
> from potato and kernel 2.2.19 to woody and kernel 2.4.17.  Both thrash
> just as hard while installing packages :-).  It is only going to be a
> router anyways, and maybe a secondary MX.)
> | Is the Star Office 5.2 address book reliable enough for mail merges, or
> | has any other word processor (Applixware?) an address book that can be
> | used for mail merges?
> StarOffice is big and, IMO, ugly.  I'd go for something lighter
> weight, more up-to-date (SO 5.2 was "latest" in '98 or so), and more
> open (I don't think the SO 5.2 source is available).
> What type of user is going to use the system?  My preferences are
>     mail  :  mutt
>     word processing  :  gvim (for LaTeX)
> For a less geeky user, though, I think that the following are good
> choices :
>     mail :
>         balsa  (nice and light and intuitive, fully functional and
>                 integrates "gnome-card" as the address book manager)
>         sylpheed (haven't used it but hear good things)
>         mozilla
>     word processing :
>         abiword
>         kword
> -D

IMHO, a major drawback abiword is that it doesn't handle tables in .rtf at 
all.  kword just doesn't handle rtf, period.

but, even on my 512 mb, 1.2 ghz Athlon system, both staroffice and openoffice 
are dogs.


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