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Re: Using the "menu" system

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002 21:51:39 -0600
"Timothy R. Butler" <tbutler@uninetsolutions.com> wrote:

> > hmmmm... anyone familiar with mandrake's repositories could get a download
> > URL for this program's source?
>   I put it up on my new Debian package page - 
> http://www.uninetsolutions.com/tbutler/linux/debian.html . After installing 
> the needed alien made packages, Menudrake works, although it looks like it 
> needs some tweaking to display the right menus. I haven't had a chance to 
> play with it much more yet.
FYI, I managed to build menudrake without gtk+mdk and am now working
on hacking it to work correctly on Debian systems... I'll probably fork()
it to menudeb, instead of menudrake as I think I don't want to maintain
that "mandraked" code, so I'll simplify things for Debian, if anyone wants
to help/discuss, feel free to mail me


kov@debian.org: Gustavo Noronha <http://www.metainfo.org/kov>
Debian: <http://www.debian.org> * <http://debian-br.cipsga.org.br>

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