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Re: application exits as 'Killed'

Well I have not run testing for yonks but iirc most of the KDE probs are due 
to the curious mix of 2.1.x/2.2x that it contains. The solution appears to be 
to upgrade everything KDE to unstable. However..... kde in unstable is 
presently uninstallable because libkmid depends on libglib1.3-12 which is no 
longer available in testing or unstable. You will need to track down a copy 
of libglib1.3-12 and install it with dpkg prior to doing an upgrade, or wait 
until a newer version of libkmid that fixes this dep gets uploaded.

Good Luck
Simon Hepburn.

On Saturday 23 Feb 2002 1:11 pm, Shriram Shrikumar wrote:
> Hi All,
> Im running testing with KDE and when running galeon / konqueror - it
> just exits. When running it from console - it just displays Killed where
> I might have expected it to say Segfault.
> shri@vishnu:~$ konqueror
> Killed
> shri@vishnu:~$ galeon
> Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library
> Killed
> shri@vishnu:~$
> I haven't killed them from another console or such and there is noone else
> connected to this machine. It also does this every single time. Konqueror
> only crashed when surfing the web though.
> Another interesting thing to note perhaps would be that evolution also
> crashes (the mail component) when starting either galeon or konqueror.
> I must admit that these problems started when I installed enlightement.
> I originally thought that it may be because I was running then from
> enlightenment instead of KDE but having same problem in KDE.
> Running on Athlon 1GHz with 128Mb RAM, 520Mb Swap custom Kernel-2.4.17.
> Any ideas.
> Shri

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