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Complied into debs please (Python/Emacs packagers take note)

What is the point of pre-compiling C code before packaging it into
.debs?  If you can answer that, apply that answer to Python code.

Subverting the Debian package management system seems a bit odd for
a Debian package to do, yet this is the impression I get from each
Python package I install here.  (Emacs packages tend toward the same
stupidity, and this is why I try very hard to avoid installing python
or emacs packages on most of the machines I administer.)

Isn't the idea of precompiled binaries the reason for .deb packages in
the first place?  The compile-it-on-every-Debian-user's-box syndrome,
rather than doing the work of compiling it just the once by a Debian
developer (or buildd box) seems 180 degrees in opposition to the
rationale for binary .deb packages.  (Debian is no longer practical to
use on a slow machine if a daily upgrade can take over 24 hours to run.)

If I wanted to compile everything locally, I'd be running a *BSD or
Slackware, right?

Taking away the precompiled aspect of Debian is certainly not in keeping
with point 4 of the Social Contract.

dlocate /file/name/here   doesn't work for files generated in a
postinst, rather than included in the package itself.  Nor does dpkg -S,
nor do cruft and debsums.  Again this seems to run contrary to point 4 of
the Social Contract.  It certainly would be in the Users' best interest
to be able to detect tampering.  Please give dpkg awareness of all files
related to any given package.

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