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Re: Motherboard/Mainboard+Athlon chip

<quote who="Judith Elaine Bush">
> Would you know what kernel the red hat is using?
> I assume it's 2.4, but it sounds really promising!
> I'll make sure to get a controller then, thanks.

it's a 2.4 kernel of some sort. im certain it would
work fine under 2.2 as well. i picked 2.2-compadible
hardware such as Matrox G400 video, Soundblaster PCI
128 sound, 3COM 3C905B NIC ..Another known problem
area is AGP which i forgot to mention in the other
email. If you try to turn on full AGP on some AMD
(or maybe even some Intel) systems you may experience
problems depending on card/chipset. I don't have AGP
enabled(Nvidia defaults to disable AGP on my chipset),
and don't see a need for AGP, so i have not had any
stability issues.

my home system is a 1.3 Athlon with a Tyan motherboard,
its solid as a rock under 2.2.19. my motherboard can't
support more then 1.3 though, its based on an older
chipset. I originally started with a Asus A7A266
but that was a horrid experience. later my friend
told me they had recalled some boards due to a defect.
i haven't bothered to check mine its still sitting on
a shelf unused.

be sure to get a good power supply. i overcompensated
my Athlon 1.3 at home with a PC Power & Cooling Turbocool
450ATX (~$200). check the AMD website for certified
power supplies.

good luck!


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