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X: cannot read /etc/X11/X symbolic link


I upgraded one of my potato boxes to woody over the last two nights.
I have encountered problems setting up X after the upgrade.

After creating an XF86config, startx yields this error message:

X: cannot read /etc/X11/X symbolic link (Invalid argument) aborting

I looked through the mailing list archives and found one post which
referred to this. The solution advocated was to link /etc/X11/X to

I did this, using ln -s /etc/X11/X /usr/bin/X11/XFree86 as root.
I get a message stating that the file exists.

startx again yields the same error message as the first time.

I would appreciate some pointers in getting out of this mess.

Sam Varghese
Linux and all free software is not about the smell of money but the
improvement of community

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