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Motherboard/Mainboard+Athlon chip

I'm in the market for a new computer and plan to run potato. The last
time I bought a box for linux, I bought a cheap system and found the
on-board sound & video chipsets weren't supported.

This time, sound and video are non-issues -- the system will act as a
personal server more than a workstation. I'd like to go ahead and get
a fairly powerful AMD chip, though -- from shallow research the
Athlons seem to be very good values. 


However, this comment from Red Hat

	AMD Athlon compatible motherboards. The new motherboard architecture
	being used and the cutting edge technology often implimented in the
	chipsets can create problems during the installation. Red Hat Linux
	may or may not install properly on a Athlon compatible motherboard
	according to its components.


has me all nervous (as does reviewing that the Duke of URL's review
was for a systel with a 2.4 kernel). Searching through the last 6
months of the mailing list didn't signal anything to me about how to
choose the motherboard/mainboard.

Does anyone know of a site with reviews of recent cpu and mainboard
reviews linking them to any linux kernel limitations?

Would anyone know whether 
	AMD 1400MHz Athlon Thunderbird Processor (266MHz FSB)
	(AMD) Asus A7M266 AMD-761 Motherboard (DDR DRAM)
would work well with a 2.2 kernel?

TIA, very very much,



Why that particular config? Because i'm looking at prebuilt systems
that come with the ATC-210 Aluminum Tower Case by Coolermaster. So
far, I've only found hypersonic-pc.com offers that.

http://kachinatech.com/'s configuration system has been down for a
while and they don't specify what mother board they use with their
Debian installed systems.....

i miss thedukeofurl.org -- old reviews can be still be studied at


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