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Re: Motherboard/Mainboard+Athlon chip

<quote who="Judith Elaine Bush">
> Would anyone know whether
> 	AMD 1400MHz Athlon Thunderbird Processor (266MHz FSB)
> 	and
> 	(AMD) Asus A7M266 AMD-761 Motherboard (DDR DRAM)
> would work well with a 2.2 kernel?

thats too weird. i have 2 AMD 1.4s here with A7M266s. they
run redhat 7.x fine. haven't tried debian(they aren't
my machines)

you can save a lot of headaches possibly by not using
the onboard IDE controllers of these newer boards. All
of my new systems use Promise ATA/100 controller cards.
debian works with them fine provided you use the ide
boot disk. a lot of troubles in the past have been
due to chipsets(most of the time dealing with IDE drives)

the 2 AMDs that i have at this office use the promise card,
as does my desktop P3. as does my athlon at home
and my P3 at home. all of my systems run 2.2.19.

i would NOT use the raid editions of these cards, just
the standard ones.


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