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Re: [OT] "-" user on solaris

Michel Loos wrote:

I know it is not Debian related,but if anybody has an idea...
I just found a user with username -
on a sparc/solaris, he has both an entry in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow
in shadow he is locked (*LK* as passwd)

NIS should not be running, (and it would be a + entry, I think)

any idea ?


I can't address your issue, Michel, but I've been dying to say this to someone.

The only *nix I've ever known is Debian (going on about 4 years now), and this week I was tasked with putting in a new drive and doing a clean install of Solaris 7 on an Ultra 1. Wow! Debian is to Solaris like Macintosh is to NT on a 486 laptop with proprietary hardware from vendors who are out of business with only 16MB RAM. In other words, my little experience with Solaris so far leads me to the conclusion that compared to Debian (as far as ease of installation/maintenance/extra packages), Solaris sucks.

Just thought I should make an OT posting even more OT  :-)


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