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Re: [OT] "-" user on solaris

On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 02:56:00PM -0600, Kent West wrote:
| I can't address your issue, Michel, but I've been dying to say this to 
| someone.
| The only *nix I've ever known is Debian (going on about 4 years now), 

How lucky you are :-).

| and this week I was tasked with putting in a new drive and doing a clean 
| install of Solaris 7 on an Ultra 1. Wow! Debian is to Solaris like 
| Macintosh is to NT on a 486 laptop with proprietary hardware from 
| vendors who are out of business with only 16MB RAM. In other words, my 
| little experience with Solaris so far leads me to the conclusion that 
| compared to Debian (as far as ease of installation/maintenance/extra 
| packages), Solaris sucks.

Yeah, I'll agree with that, even though I haven't admined Solaris
much.  It is really hard to find stuff on the disk and /proc tells you
nothing and ...

| Just thought I should make an OT posting even more OT  :-)




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