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Re: HPT366 & Linux -> ide interrupt timeouts.

Quoting Emil Pedersen (emilp@update.uu.se):

> > Is there anyone who has more information about this?
> Firmware upgrade and pray.

I couldn't find information about my ABIT BP6 mb on abit.com, but
sneakishly replacing the mb/kra7-raid.html by mb/bp6.html brought me the
site I wanted to visit.

I found this:

 * How are the IRQ resources shared on the BE6 and BP6?
   The AGP slot and PCI-1 share an IRQ, PCI-2 has its own IRQ, PCI-3 and
   the ATA66 IDE controller share an IRQ, PCI-4, PCI-5 and the USB
   controllers share an IRQ

I have to check wether I have something stuck in PCI-3 and maybe
(re)move it. 

Does anyone know if an SB-Live! soundcard is capable of bus-mastering?


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