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Re: HPT366 & Linux -> ide interrupt timeouts.

Sander Smeenk wrote:
> Hey,
> I recall that a while ago there was a thread on this list about the
> HighPoint 366 UDMA66 controller in combination with Linux causing
> IDE DMA Timeouts and Lost IRQ messages.
> I'm experiencing the same now, and I can't find a solution. It's bad,
> because I experience data-corruption too, almost each time I reboot
> after such a hang.
> Is there anyone who has more information about this?

Firmware upgrade and pray.

I was having _lots_ of trouble with my pci addon ide card using this
chip.  It kept hangin both in linux and in windows2k.  Upgrading the
cards firmware from 1.22 to 1.25 seemed to stabilize it from windows
pow, but linux still kept hanging under moderate to heave disk usage.
  I then tried upgrade the firmware further, but the computer hang
leaving the card unusable (not detected by mb bios or flash program).  

Good luck!

// Emil

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