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Re: I don't want sshd

On Thu, Feb 21, 2002 at 01:20:33PM -0500, Alec wrote:
> Hi
> On one of my Debian boxes, I need ssh, but no sshd. I especially don't want 
> to RUN sshd. I achieve this by stopping the daemon and removing all symlinks 
> to /etc/init.d/ssh in /etc/rc?.d/. However, every time ssh package gets 
> upgraded, I get those symlinks back and sshd restarted. To me, it is a 
> security concern, since unintended net services are run. Wouldn't it be 
> better to break ssh and sshd into two separate packages? Right know, at least 
> in Woody, sshd is part of ssh.

RTFM man update-rc.d !  Leave one of the K links and sshd will never
start, nor will upgrades start it for you.

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