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Re: I don't want sshd

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, Alec wrote:

> On one of my Debian boxes, I need ssh, but no sshd. I especially don't want
> to RUN sshd. I achieve this by stopping the daemon and removing all symlinks
> to /etc/init.d/ssh in /etc/rc?.d/. However, every time ssh package gets
> upgraded, I get those symlinks back and sshd restarted. To me, it is a
> security concern, since unintended net services are run. Wouldn't it be
> better to break ssh and sshd into two separate packages? Right know, at least
> in Woody, sshd is part of ssh.

# dpkg-reconfigure -plow ssh

Answer the questions it asks, and answer "no", of course,
when it asks if you want to run sshd.

sshd won't be run by default, and that should maintain
across upgrades.


Jeremy Gaddis     <jeremy@gaddis.org>

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