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Re: Blank Messages To Mailing List With Attachments Containing Message

On 20 Feb 2002, Patrick Kirk wrote:

> People don't put up with Outlook Express...they use it because it is the
> best email client for windows.  Its free.  Its easy to use.  Every
> windows box has it.  I didn't switch from mutt on linux until Evolution
> came out with a panel like the Outlook Express one that allows you to
> manage the myriad mailboxes that plague anyone who has one address for
> work, one for home and a few accounts for mailing lists.

I'll grant you that OE has a very nice UI. However, that's the ONLY good
thing about it. Virus problems aside, my favorite Windows mail client is
Outlook (note the lack of Express there). That's primarily because it
WORKS. It can actually handle a "begin  " line among other things. Now, I
realize that not everyone has MS Office, and therefore not everyone can
use Outlook, but in such a case, I'd much rather use FoxMail or some other
program than OE. At least something that works right! (Or, better yet,
just install cygwin and run your favorite Linux mail client.)


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