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partition does not end on cylinder boundary error.

Hi All,

I wonder if any of you can point me in the right direction here. STUPID
NT (I need it to do some work) destroyed my Windoze 98 (I need THIS to
play games) partition.

Now fdisk says that Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary:
	phys=(1023, 24, 30) should be (1023, 254, 63)

If fdisk knows what it should be, is there like a little command I can
use to fix it or even another program.

It is a true pain in the ass to re-install win98 and Ive already done
way too many times THIS lifetime.

If only linux could run VB, Ms Access and all the Windoze games - I
could get rid of windows altogether. (and yes, I tried wine, it does
some of the things that I want it to but not enough to be able to just
format c)

I read some of the newsgroups saying that this doesnt matter - but it
should be said that this is a new motherboard that understands my hard
drive geometry and I didn't have this error before attempting to install
NT. Also LILO chokes on this.

Thankx for you help and patience in this slightly OT post.


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