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Re: OT: cdburning: tao, dao and fixating


On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Jason Healy wrote:

> At 1014137262s since epoch (02/19/02 05:47:42 -0500 UTC), Sebastiaan wrote:
> > I try to burn CD's with cdrecord, but I have a problem. I can burn an iso
> > image (made with isofs) to a blank disc, but when the disc gets fixated, I
> > directly get an error of the form 'Illegal Seek Error' or 'Segment not
> > found'.
> Is your ISO image good?  CDs have a lead-out on them that can occupy
> the last two sectors of a disc.  If you have an ISO image that's taken
> directly from a CD, it might have these two leadout sectors, which
> could be ready by your cd burner as bad data.
well, I guess so. It is made directly by mkisofs and it contains only
files. But the same iso file burns correctly (after a couple of

> I believe there's an option to cdrecord that reads the ISO and checks
> its size before writing it out to disk.  Quoting from `man cdrecord`:
> (Some ommisions made for brevity)
>        -isosize
>               mode.  These  two run out blocks cannot be read and
>               would cause a buffer under run that would  cause  a
>               defective copy.
> That said, I've never had to use this option; I make my CD images with
> dd and then burn them straight without any trouble.  I'm not sure when
> this option would need to be used, but I thought I'd throw it out
> there in case it helps you.
the drive never reported a buffer underflow error. But I will keep this in
mind and give it a try.


> Jason
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