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Re: Gnome panel on dual-h

On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 10:40, Gary Hennigan wrote:
> I've got a dual-head setup using Xinerama. A while ago I noticed that
> the gnome stuff was upgraded and this morning when I logged in for the
> first time since that upgrade my gnome panel no longer stretches
> across both monitors. Does anyone know how to get it back to it's
> previous behavior? I'm running "testing" with gnome-panel
> and sawfish-gnome 1.0.1-6 as the window manager.

I noticed the same thing on my 3 headed workstation (unstable).  I just
made a new edge panel for each head that was missing one.  I'd be
interested to know how to restore the full sized panel as well.  I've
poked around with the panel properties with no luck yet.


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