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apt error

Hi. If this message, or something similar, has been posted by me, I appologize for the re-post. I am having a problem installing the source tree in 2.2r5 stable. I am a blind user, and am running Speakup, which is a screen review package. The reason I am mentioning this is because if anyone sends me any sollutions that involve using graphical methods, I won't be able to properly use them. Anyway, when I use apt-cdrom, I get the following error: handler silently failed. I am using the following syntax: apt-cdrom add -a

I get a prompt to insert my source Cd, and it goes through the process of scanning for the Cd label and any package/source indexes. It is finding the 4 source index files that are on the Cd, but it doesn't seem to be copying them. Note that this error only comes up when trying to install the source tree, not any packages from Cds. When I try to instal packages from Cdroms, everything works fine. Could I have overlooked something in terms of configuring Apt? Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks in advance! 


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