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Problem installing Intel 810 video under debian


I spent this weekend trying to setup my new linux box using debian. Well
I ran into a lot of problems biggest of which I haven't been able to
solve until now - i810 motherboard which has integrated video and sound.
Apparently, there is no built in support for the motherboard from either
debian or Xfree86. However, doing a couple of searches I found that it
is possible to use the video from the card working. I downloaded the
driver from the intel's website which were available in both rpms and
the tars. I tried using the tar as per the instructions from the
however it gave me errors saying it was not a valid file. I tried
downloading it again but with no success. Then I tried using the rpms
using the alien package. But it gave me errors saying that glibc 2.0
which is required is not installed. I did a dselect and found that all
the libc5 and libc6 libraries were installed and there was no other C
library that might have helped. I read some other articles which talked
about building the kernel instead of taking 3rd party support. I tried
to follow those but with no success. 

I am new to Linux/Debian and this is my first installation. Hence, I am
looking for a document which describes the entire process in details
with the actual commands to be typed. Please let me know if anyone knows
of any such document or can tell me why I ran into the errors I did
while following the instructions from the intel website. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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