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Re: Browsers won't connect to modem

On Saturday 16 February 2002 06:29 pm, Keith wrote:
> ben wrote:
> > how do you know that the modem isn't dialing?
> I have one of those modems you can hear when it dials.
> > have you configured /etc/resolv.conf in order to reach your isp's
> > nameservers?
> That's what it was, a missing /etc/resolv.conf file.
> Thanks to everyone for the help. I know it was a real clueless newbie
> question. Oh well, maybe it will help some other clueless newbies out
> there.

next time it comes up--and it will--it's your turn to jump in with the 
solution. btw, 'clueless newbie' is damn near an oxymoron. apart from that, 
all of us were newbies, at some point.


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