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Re: recommendations for portable mp3 player

Hi O!

On Sat, 16 Feb 2002, O Polite wrote:
> I'm getting tired of my minidisc, too much skipping, too short battery
> life, no good. 
> Maybe it's time to get a portable mp3.
> My sister in law just got an Ipod. Very nice thingy, but I understand
> that it still doesn't work with linux. Besides I don't have a firewire
> port.
> Any suggestions? Battery life is a very important factor to me.
i own an iPod and am very happy with it. unfortunately this is the only
reason i have to fire up win to transfer files but you might take a look
at http://giantlaser.com/~jason/ipod.html. i have already had success to
transfer files _from_ my iPod with linux. i haven't had time to try
Antonin's python scripts to copy files onto the disk in connection with
hfsplusutils yet, but i'll give it a try.

couldn't get the hfs+ kernel module to work and found no news on their
homepage, hope a port from darwin's hfs+ support comes soon.

anyway i transfered >300 songs so far in one session and didn't have any
need to change yet.

yours martin
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